dimanche 14 avril 2013

No Tea, No Shade, Just Sock Puppetry

A short while ago, Daniel Abel made some interesting arguments to the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana regarding the sock puppetry of Anne-Marie Vandenweghe, who has also been a favorite topic here on Real Malice.

Mr. Abel conducted some textual analysis, along the lines of that performed by Frederick Heebe, Mark Moseley, and others. Mr. Heebe is the person who outed Assistant U.S. Attorneys Salvadore Perricone and Jan Maselli-Mann as being anonymous online commenters. Moseley identified other pseudonyms as likely belonging to Perricone.

Abel starts with the identification of Vandenweghe as "unslabbed," which Doug Handshoe has also admitted is one of her pseudonyms on Slabbed. He notes some peculiarities of unslabbed's style, and then moves on to identify other Slabbed commenters with similar characteristics.

Having looked at Abel's analysis, Real Malice has added a few observations too. Here's a synthesis of what was found, using Mr. Abel's observations as a baseline:

Court Ordered unslabbed's Email Address
Anne Marie Vandenweghe's married name is Anne Marie Boudreaux. She uses this name in her email addresses, for example the one she used to register with the Louisiana State Bar Association.

In June, 2011, pursuant to a Court Order from the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, Automattic, Inc. the operator of the WordPress.com blogging site, provided to Trout Point Lodge identifying information about anonymous bloggers publishing on slabbed.wordpress.com, the home of the Slabbed blog and predecessor URL to slabbed.org.

After notifying the persons involved using their registered email addresses, Automattic responded to the Court Order by identifying Slabbed commenter “unslabbed” as having the email address annemarieboudreaux@yahoo.com.

unslabbed” is a frequent contributor to Slabbed.

Trout Point Lodge, Charles Leary, and Vaughn Perret subsequently on August 31, 2011, sued a “Jane Doe” co-defendant identified as “unslabbed” with the email address annemarieboudreaux@yahoo.com in Nova Scotia Supreme Court. The other defendant was Doug K. Handshoe, who was also identified by information provided by Automattic. Handshoe was personally served with notice of the proceeding, but failed to appear. “Jane Doe” was named in the complaint as a concurrent, joint tortfeasor.

Grammar and Word Usage; Use of French: “encule”; “Sistas of Satan,” etc.
Mr. Abel found a nice example of Anne-Marie (Vandenweghe) Boudreaux making a blog comment in 2007, under her own name.

We are all abuzz at the AAA mediations in New Orleans,Mike!!! Nelsie
came in with 'Arthur' and while we all took turns holding him ( including
all the GUYS!!) we talked about you and your journey to Grace-­land. (
A little Elvis humor there) Cannot wait to meet Miss Gracie in person.
Blessings and Godspeed.
Anne Marie (Vandenweghe) Boudreaux

There's indeed some peculiar things about punctuation in the above writing sample, including failure to space after a comma; use of multiple exclamation points; use of apostrophes as punctuation marks in a non-standard way; and a non-standard space after an opening parentheses mark (twice); use of CAPS to suggest intonation. There's also religious phraseology. And finally, there's that lovely usage of the full name Anne Marie (Vandenweghe) Boudreaux. Guess she couldn't decide which personality to use.

Taking this as a baseline, and proceeding from the fact a court order revealed that “unslabbed” is Anne-Marie Vandenweghe, an analysis of sets of writings by “unslabbed” when compared with writings by “Whitmergate,” “viewfromhell,” “eyewigger,” and others like “Pelicandebrief,” contain similar distinctive, non-standard use of punctuation, and similar word use, including in French and religious phraseology.

Notably, “viewfromhell,” was one of the identities sought by Interim Jefferson Parish President Theriot's lawsuit in 2010.

Like Anne-Marie, unslabbed's distinctive punctuation includes:
  • non-standard spaces after and/or before parentheses and commas;
  • spaces after the final letter and before a period, exclamation point, or question mark ending a sentence;
  • repeated use of CAPS (not that this is unusual, but there is something distinctive about the CAPS use by unslabbed, suggesting intonation);
  • use of dollar signs to indicate money;
  • non-standard use of apostrophes ' as though they are quotation marks “

In addition, unslabbed makes repeated use of the phrase “Amen and Amen.” to end comments, often before writing her pseudonym underneath.

Unslabbed also makes reference to Christian religious phraseology and particularly variations of the phrase “confess, repent, and be forgiven” when referring to politicians. Ms. Vandenweghe is indeed a Minister ordained by the Universal Life Church. Unslabbed also frequently refers to Phelps Dunbar attorneys Nan Allessandra and Kim Boyle as “Kim & Nan” “Sistas of Satan.” Unslabbed makes fluent use of the French language, particularly to swear with, using words like “encule” and “putain.” Notable in this last regard, Vandenweghe's parents immigrated from French-speaking Belgium.

October 10, 2010
Judicial tyranny.
These fools are also just our SERVANTS.
To have exalted themselves as they have is embarrassing and invites ridicule and righteous indignation. The first shall be last, and the last shall be first. Beware you self-righteous pompous Pharisees and Sadducees: you and yours will be struck down through God’s word. Your words will be as smoke on the wind. His will burn hotly on your tongue in the bowels of hell.
My Sunday hope for all is that they

June 30, 2010
We need to out number the retirement junkies, and the Perpetual Politicians and the machines to take back our country.
Black, white, yellow, brown, pink, purple. Run for office. You have much to lose if you don’t and nothing to lose if you do!
Amen and amen.

July 7, 2010
Slabbed Nation is my refuge and keeps me sane. Theriot better hope we don’t get silenced. May be the only thing keeping some from going postal.
Amen and Amen.

September 30, 2010
I pray that the next time you drive drunk Walker that only you are damaged. See the light, confess, repent and be redeemed. You have no idea how good it will feel and how many blessings will rain down on you and your progeny.
And Byrd: hiding behind technicalities does not shield you from the wrath of GOD. You can rationalize all you want but the next time Walker lets his stupid hang out, get on your knees and pray he doesn’t hurt one of your progeny. GOD has a sense of irony IMHO.
Amen and Amen.

June 8, 2010
Amen and Amen.

Here are examples of unslabbed's non-standard spaces around punctuation and use of apostrophes as quotation marks; also French swearing; reference to “Phlips Dungmore” for Phelps Dunbar; particularly notable use of a parentheses mark and then a space before the first letter, however the closing parentheses is right next to the final letter:

Here are some thoughts:
1. Set up an ombudsman for future disputes re Public Records. Cheaper for everyone.  Non-binding but probably would resolve 99% of the disputes. Hey maybe AMV can do it!  She is a certified Mediator. And she really knows the law on Public Records and Record Management.  Oh right probably over-qualified .
2. Try to set up a mediation with AMV and her attorney to head off Federal lawsuit we all know is coming. Or do the Council members and Administration thugs WANT to be deposed? October 23, 2010
Nanny Nanny Boo-Boo.
Dancing as fast as you can? You might want to look into rejoining the family business if they will let you back in . Should work now that you are no longer ‘ heavy’. Of course dancing is an honorable profession.
Allessandro marries Giacobbe and has Nanny Nanny Boo-Boo.
Hmmm. At least now we know how you got your job. All that is left to figure out is why you get to keep it other than you can deliver the bacon from the pigs at the trough. And you do whatever you are told to do. Good old maid that you are.
Nan Allessandro, spinster daughter and niece. One down , one to go. October 22, 2010
True Telemachus BUT FOR THE FACT that life is imitating art in Jefferson Parish in that the JP politicos are Joe Pesci stupid-crazy.
I harken back to the day when the northeast ‘familia’ viewed the bozoMarcellos as too stupid to take seriously. Just send the dregs to Louisiana. Let them futz around down there where they cannot get into any trouble. UH OH. Remember Tommy ‘the con’ Porteous prosecuting Paz or Poz or whatever Marcello for ‘pandering’? Hilarious now no? December 11, 2010

Telemachus, your ‘au courant’ and reflective commentary is apropos with respects to the upcoming election for Parish President of Jefferson Parish. July 1, 2010

Whether it’s the aftermath of “Broussard’s Waterloo” or the “JP Council’s Rubicon” or “Lagasse’s Last Stand” or “Capella’s Collapse” or “Young’s Ying-Yang”, the taxpayers’ have realized that we have bottomed out. It is now time to confront our co-dependency problem that has allowed these arrogant political thugs to oppress us, and rise up and vote; and encourage everyone we can to vote. Reach out to others anyway and everyway. And as important, if you are so inclined, qualify to run for office. It’s a God given right in this country… now consider it your duty to serve your country !
Stieb won, and you can win also. This entitlement class of narcissists, along with the pablum public Press and their suck-up surrogates would have you believe that whoever has the most money wins. Well money buys signs and mailouts; but I’ve never stood in line to vote with a sign or a push card, but I’ve stood in line with you !
And Theriot, why don’t you pay to complete this JPPAC albatross if you think it needs to be finished…vas te faire encule et l’ane tu montes dans le ! July 1, 2010

And once you qualify you do not have to campaign. You do not have to put up one sign, or send out any literature , or attend any forums , or talk to the media.
And if you cannot qualify offer to put in $ to help someone else qualify. June 30, 2010

And I also believe she is looking forward to the notoriety and exposure . As for Counsel Finley, he has played both sides for so long I wonder if he knows which end is up? The game is afoot…And I again quote ( loosely) ” In JP if it waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it is probably a horse.” A Trojan horse perhaps in this instance? A friendly lawsuit? Hmmmmmm August 11, 2012

Am I reading it correctly? Did Kim Boyle, attorney for the Parish ( and immediate past President of the Louisiana State Bar Association) state out loud in court on the record that she believed AMV was going to at some undetermined time in the future violate Attorney-Client privilege using the emails and that was one of the reasons she ( or did her clients tell her that? either way it ain’t good) was fighting the release?
If she did then I would surmise that her slanderous statement(s), despite Nan Alessandra’s attempt to repudiate them, increased AMV’s damages exponentially.
The Immediate Past President of the State Bar Association out loud and in public and on a court record makes a statement like that about any attorney and I would think that attorney will suffer serious economic and employment damages.
Is she really THAT STUPID?! Phelps Dunbar better have beaucoup INSURANCE because she just dragged the Firm into the furor.
Character Assassination ; Slanderous / libelous Statements; Failure to do Due Diligence all by defense counsel.
And we haven’t even begun to discuss AMV’s Federal suit against the Parish of Jefferson. This is just in the Public Records Request lawsuit in District Court.
What will those crazy Kim ‘n Nan girls entertain us with next? February 17, 2011
From my brief perusal of the pertinent state law ( LA) and the fine brief by Mr. Truitt , it appears that if she is successful AMV may get $100 per day for the entire time since she requested the information. Plus Attorneys fees.
It seems that since Jefferson Parish did not file for the Writ re the PRR ( which it appears was their obligation since it is their responsibility to say why they won’t release in a timely fashion or at all) that all fines and penalties continue to run in AMV’s favor.
I wonder if this will also be part of damages in any Federal 1983 lawsuit she may file, since the time delay in obtaining the PRR response may have caused her additional damages in not being able to adequately defend herself?
Anyone know if that is correct? February 15, 2011

5. When AMV takes the only next step available to her to obtain the records necessary to her 1) documenting her time as requested by Peggy Barton and Louis Gruntz ( in one of the requested email threads) so they could compensate her and 2) defending herself against the libelous, slanderous accusations of the Parish via Steve Theriot ; the Parish retaliates with a SLAPP suit orchestrated by the same over-paid law firm that SLAPPED AMV’s Personnel Board Whistleblower law suit.
Gimme a break. Has anyone at Phelps Dumbar bothered to READ THE PUBLIC RECORD LAW???
Forget about who AMV named…but just to placate the deliberate souls:
The Parish President is the presumed Custodian of Records under State Record Retention statutes.
He/she can designate in writing in a report FILED WITH THE SECRETARY OF STATE someone else in the governmental entity as his substitute.
Broussard designated Council Clerk Eula Lopez ( who now probably wishes she could have declined)
Broussard resigned and Theriot never filed such a report so TAG Theriot is it.
AMV being the cautious once-burned-twice-shy- leery- of- the- machinations- of- the- enemy war veteran that she is, names both Lopez and Theriot and adds Giangrosso since he has been signing all the ‘boilerplate letters’ denying/delaying access.
Access delayed is access denied. Without affirmative action ( filing for a declaratory judgment a la the Coroner in St Tammany in Judge Crain’s court) on the part of the governmental entity delaying the access the governmental entity is guilty as charged. October 22, 2010

And we get this ‘conflicted’ quote from Hairy Rosenberg, a partner at Phlips, Dungmore, the firm hired by these same Politico Thugs to SLAPP the whistleblower Anne Marie Vandenweghe whose factual allegations of this very same payroll fraud that were made public in her suit filed with the JP Personnel Board in Feb. 2010:
It’s still hard to know what the government’s doing,” former U.S. Attorney Harry Rosenberg said. “The target letters suggest that the government is going to move forward with official criminal charges, but it doesn’t always.”
Well we know that no one in Jefferson Parish government did anything and we know that DA Connick did nothing…are we being told now that the Feds will do nothing too ? That Jefferson Parish White Public Officials, whether elected or appointed, are above the law and are immune from criminal prosecution ? February 20, 2011

Does my feeble mind accuratley recall the Marcello clan selling or buying or swapping land with the Heebe-Ward-River Birch-Hwy 90 folks?
Assistant Parish Attorney C. Leighton
Ciravello ( so many vowels running rampant ) is on record with Grand Jury responses to River Birch investigation showing A land swap but there were other transactions including one which did not get executed.
Environmental Director Marnie Winter also sent emails alluding to swaps and attempted
swaps , and her assistant Catherine ? and Rich Buller, landfill manager for the Parish after Deano Bonano was rewarded by the bad guys and made a CAA for sending Parishdump and methane recovery business to River Birch and Hwy 90 et al, both alluded to shenanigans with all the property transfers.
And then there is Finance Director Gwen Bolotte who stated somewhere that when Whitmer and Wilkinson told her to disappear the Parish money dedicated to and made from the Parish dump in order to make it appear the Parish dump was losing money and close to financial collapse, had to explain to both idgit asses that disappearing that much money was not easy and would take her some time. And SHE tattled on Cherreen Gegenheimer?
Quel drol, mes cheries, quel drol.
Speaking of Mr and Mrs G: Where HAVE they disappeared to? Jetsetters that they are. December 16, 2010
Use of “Sistas of Satan” for Nan Allessandra and Kim Boyle:
In rereading the emails you linked from the Broussard era stockpile wherein Theriot calls in the Sistas of Satan and the rest of the horde for a meeting re Anne Marie and the Legislative Auditor’s report: has anyone ever seen any such report? That would be a read no doubt… October 10, 2012

Next, let's compare these characteristics with other Slabbed bloggers. First is Whitmergate, whose peculiar punctuation, use of French and other word usage, and grammar is notably identical to unslabbed. Imagine that!

Use of apostrophes as quotation marks; spaces after the final letter in a sentence before a period, questions mark, or exclamation mark. Use of dollar signs. Use of “Phlips Dungmore” for Phelps Dunbar. Use of “Sistas of Satan” to refer to Nan Allessandra and Kim Boyle. Use of French, particularly, “encule”; use of troglodyte:

September 25, 2011
So the next time you want to spin, take the candle that’s up your butt and spin it up ‘Pegs’ … without the jelly please…
I have all the time in the world to trade insults with you … everyday, all day…you started this and I intend to finish it … however I fear the host will tire of our bantering and edit our comments off in time …
Allez putain
Or sweetheart, we can end this little tête à tête now…be civil … and both go watch the Saints game !!!

I have no idea what your referencing, but believe this…
Cette chanson est tellenment mauvaise baise…putain je pourrais fermer les yeux et vous jure que c’est français…et qui comprend la vidéo…
Change you say…

Not only did he, Mike ‘da thief’ Thomas and the other Capella POS lackey assistant Grenrold assault AMV verbally in her office, they were heard to say that Capella had directed them to put AMV in their “crosshairs” … Hmmm … did I hear someone say, RETALIATION !!!
I only wish that I had a video of Thomas strutting outside the Courtroom half-cocked after having heard GretnaMentality’s poster child Judge LaFart’s home cooked decision denying AMV her records… There the thief was, congratulating Phlips, Dungmore’s Sistas of Satan (Kim Boyle and Nan Alessendra), Wanda ‘I wannabe like TheRiot’ Theriot, Greg Geeiamanasshole, and yes another Wilkinson relative sucking off the public’s teat, Eula Lopez.
It goes without sayin, but I feel compelled … FUCK YOU Mike ‘da thief’ Thomas … and I hope you have a lot of pain as this judgement is shoved up your ass in $$$'sOctober 3, 2011

Dear missred and stable,
How about jealous this …
Mettez votre tête entre vos jambes et de la langue dans le cul baise…
Consider this a tantrum from an old man … en d’autres termes, vas te faire encule !!!
Yours truly, Whitmergate September 24, 2011

Raided ?…how about pounced upon with “nearly two dozen” agents ! Having matriculated a PHD on everything River Birch over this last year, this illuminating and surprising news was just what the doctor ordered.
So let me get this straight…a River Birch representative says that they have been co-operating for months, but the FBI send enough agents to occupy every individual office in the building ? Would that statement be considered lying to the FBI ?
I want to thank the FBI for it’s initiative to further their investigation into this criminal conspiracy by the Jefferson Parish Council to create a landfill monopoly. Fortunately the FBI does not work for the US Attorney’s office. Hopefully there will be a special task force of Justice Department lawyers to prosecute so that Letten cannot ignore or cover.
As for Wilkinson, as we say in the French…vas te faire encule, vas te faire encule beaucoup…chatte vous intimider bouche ! September 23, 2010

With such resounding support of Capella and the other Council members who chimed in by voting to confirm Barton as Parish Attorney, it is apropos that I segue into yet another current Barton (JP) vs. Seeman/Baird(CFGG) ‘tete a tete’.
Unslabbed, myself and now the Citizens for Good Government, Margie Seeman and Magaret Baird, have brought to the forefront an issue that encapsulates the taxpayers disgust and frustration with the systemic and rampant corruption by and of Jefferson Parish Officials, both elected and appointed, that is presently being investigated by Federal authorities. Whitmergate Guest post, October 1, 2010
Now that we are discussing FREE SPEECH:
I am being counseled by others not to gloat over the recent RICO lawsuit filed by Waste Management … that my hounding and pounding for over 3 years on numerous blogs concerning the River Birch CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY to be awarded an illegal landfill MONOPOLY, along with the corrupt conduct of Jefferson Parish Officials in general, has contributed to the result I wanted … so what could I want now aside from criminal indictments confirming all of what I railed about ?
I would love to make as many copies as necessary of AMV’s lawsuit, Concrete Buster’s lawsuit and Waste Management’s lawsuits combined, have them rolled collectively, then individually shoved up Tom Wilkinson’s ass and the ass of everyone of his posse from and/or at the Parish Attorney’s Office, still there or not, including, Peggy Barton, Louis Gruntz, David Fos, Alan Gandolfi, Greg Giangrosso, Jeremy Dwyer, Nicole Amstutz, Nicole Tomba … and any one else I may have overlooked … and too numerous to mention at this time !!!
Did I hear you say, ‘…let ‘em fuckin’ sue…’ How’s those lawsuits feeling now “Tommy”… you fucking troglodyte reprobate !!!
And Plattsmier needs to be shoving some more papers up “Tommy’s” ass too …
Thanx Slabbed for allowing me to vent my legitimate anger toward those so deserving of it. September 28, 2011

Is this like one of the secret meetings where it was decided to sue the blogosphere ? Or to defend Kerlec in the Nazi case ? Or to sue Waste Management ? You mean that kind of ‘executive’ screw-up, right ?
May I suggest to all of the buffoons who were in the recent ‘executive session’ (euphemism for secret meeting and out of the public’s notice)… the only legal, ethical and moral strategy that needs to be discussed is an EXIT DEFENSE that will justly compensate AMV and put an end to the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS that Philips Dungmore will charge to DEFEND THE INDEFENSIBLE !!! June 6, 2011

HUFFING … that’s what it’s described as Sop … such an apropos double entendre ?
These Boston Club, Louisiana Club degenerate MFers are huffers … they have been kneeling down and sniffing up the gaseous farts of each other’s ass for so long … that they have become detached from a cultural reality that is shared by most of us who are not one of ‘them’ … a mindset that is similar with the punk zine of ‘sniffin glue’ … in other words, brain dead.
Possibly nancy Drew could apply for a job to clean the bathrooms at the Boston Club if by circumstance he was ‘sneezed off ’ by the Times Pickyournose !!! July 25, 2012

Please e-mail Nowdy to contact me so that I can arrange making reservations for this coming Tuesday after the Hearing of AMV’s mandamus action. The cost is, as is everything in Gretna, negotiable ! October 25, 2010

J’ai bien peur que l’heure du diner ne soit passee, au revoir…yes… one more Rebel Yell deBrief, s’il vous plait…” May 11, 2010

I'll bet the firm of Phelps,Dunbar, particularly Satan's Sistas, Kim Boyle and Nan Alexandra, are drinking bottles of Dom Perignon about now… August 25, 2011
What the fuck is Peggy Barton still doing in the Parish Attorney’s Office ? She like the rest of that troglodyte thug Wilkinson Asst PA posse should have been gone the way of his departure, in disgrace ! November 10, 2010

motherload … another thought from my parallel universe … when is Letten going to get serious about River Birch ? … oh, you think he is … well why hasn't he triangulated that bully mouthed pussy troglodyte "Tommie" Wilkinson and offered him up for indictment ???
Now that's what I'm talkin' about !!! September 30, 2011

Seig Hiel, Herr Theriot…qu’est-ce qu’un troglodyte putain…je suis gene qu’il a un mon francais…j’espere qu’il a ete adopte…
If I were Jewish and lived in Jefferson Parish I would be alarmed…If I were Jewish and worked for Jefferson Parish I’d be afraid…can you say Simon vs. JP/Kerlec !

Repeated use of “Amen and Amen.”:
So, Mr. Connick, next time you go to Manresa intending to further fine tune your hypocrisy, do us a favor, pull out your bible, go to the Book of St. James, Chapter 5, verses, 1-3, contemplate this reading and pray for an epiphany:
Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming upon you!
Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten.
Your gold and silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be a witness against you, and will eat your flesh like fire. You have heaped up treasure in the last days.
As a brother in Christ, I pray for you. Amen and Amen. Whitmergate guest post, June 23, 2010
Amen and Amen. December 3, 2012

Amen and Amen … April 19, 2012

Kudos to you lawgrace…your persistent and focused attention to the “meat” of the matter has been an inspiration to me personally. I, like others here at the SlabbedNation, offer to join and support you in your quest to right what is wrong…Amen and Amen. September 23, 2010

Aaron I will tell you this yet again…talking about Jesus is not walking with Jesus…redemption will come through your public confession…Jesus didn’t have or need a lawyer…own and accept your wrong doing…repent and ask for forgiveness…trust Him to guide and protect you…plead guilty and do the time with humility…be washed of your sins…and you will be born again…I pray for you… and may God have mercy on your soul…Amen and Amen. February 28, 2011
In sum, all of the characteristics of unslabbed's writing and punctuation also appear in the writing and punctuation of “Whitmergate.” Whitmergate also makes repeated use of the word “troglodyte,” particularly in reference to Vandenweghe's former boss Tom Wilkinson. Notably, “viewfromhell” also refers to Wilkinson as a troglodyte.
viewfromhell also shares writing and punctuation style with Whitmergate and unslabbed.
Reference to Satan's Sistas and to Phlips Dungmore; space between final letter and final punctuation mark; use of apostrophes as quotation marks; use of dollar sign to mean money:

This I do know. Satan’s Sistas, Kim and Nan, are going to catch hell when it’s found out about the duplicitous billing that is all too obvious by the amount shown on this report. June 7, 2011

And while I’m suing AHs, add those Phlipps, Dungmore wanabe lawyers and the joke Times- Picayune. All of them are in cahoots and are the reason Jefferson Parish is the HELLHOLE that it is ! December 16, 2010

What in the hell are ya’ll talking about ? Give the woman her fucking records and it’s over. Doesn’t she continue to produce and receive emails daily in her present position as head of recovery. Aren’t those records available to her every day as was the same records she produced and received when she was in charge of the Public Records Division.
You know what the hell this is ? RETALLIATION ! PURE and SIMPLE. This has absolutely NOTHING to do about this work computer or the information on it ! These thugs that run this hellhole want to blame someone else for being exposed as the corrupt POS’s that they are. October 23, 2010
Jefferson Parish, THE HELL HOLE of all hell holes ! June 7, 2011

Aside from the fact that Debbie Villio should be disbarred for her illegal and unethical political activities while working as the Director of Inspection and Code Enforcement for Jefferson Parish and for her Payroll Fraud escapades with her ‘good friend’ disgraced former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson ( now starring in the pOrteous debaucle on CSpan ) :
I question how MATTHEW FRIEDMAN will be able to hear any cases since he works FULL TIME as the head of the Jefferson Parish Parish Attorney’s Office Section in charge of Inspection and Code Enforcement. And from all reports coming in Villio left a mess for Loren Marino another Wilkinson Assistant Parish Attorney who was appointed to replace Villio as Director of ICE.
Friedman is not the brightest bulb in the lamp but he is/was ‘BUDS’ with Tommy and now with Interim Parish Attorney Peggy Barton, to the tune of several thousand extra dollars a year for preparing ‘abstracts’ or something for the same cases he was supposed to be working on. Rumor has it that was $ for his silence. So when Villio left and Friedman and Marino were ‘promoted’ nothing improved. September 17, 2010

Gone Hog Wild ! Instant Hit ! I’d bet next years taxes on it.
Why didn’t Charreem and the huskster Broussard PITCH (movie lingo) that ? Because they are too stupid to know that they were stars in this neverending storyline already. Names change but the corruption scam remains the same. Not to mention that Jefferson Parish taxpayers could possibly recoup, by way of royalties, some of the money these corrupt MFs spend on themselves, their families and cronies !
And how in the hell did South Korea get any action here with contracts on the studio screw job. Fuck I almost forgot, Peggy Barton has been maintaining a satellite office of the JP Parish Attorney’s Office there for years with Wilkinson’s winking about leave time. Staff was always getting e-mails via Korea from Barton, about the Office of the PA’s Rules that required all employees to be at the office at such and such a time; break times and time spent for lunch within certain hours; and no one is to leave before 4:30. Did she follow her own rules in Korea ? Hell fucking NO ! I wonder how in the hell do you get someone extradited from South Korea. Or, can you ?
By the fucking way, what the hell is Barton still doing in the Parish Attorney’s Office ? Or for that matter, any of the rest of that incompetent Wilkinson posse ? Hell I quess if Barton has to face payroll fraud charges, Young will do his Sgt. Schultz act again, “I know nothing! ” Hell, ya’d think Young is trying to get a part in the re-make of the movie Stalag 13 ? He’s got the line down pat and no fucking audition is going to be needed. Np matter, Young’s a definite for the reality show.
What the hell? Young fires Chareem, but keeps that 2-synapse troglodyte Bonano peel ? Young must owe him for covering up on that D.J.Mumphy escapade and no telling what the hell else.
You know you live in a hellhole when this scheme becomes a fact: Tony D gets fired by Young; Tony D immediately gets hired to protect his fucking retirement junkie status by the widow Hollis who’s just been appointed to the Council on Monday because everyone else dropped out; the same widow Hollis who voted to fuck over the Good Government ladies who were lied to by Cappella and voted to make the vote 7-0 ! Hell I thought that Lee-Sheng was the Black Widow of this web of corrupt thugs. I was wrong ! But then again, as someone reminded me on this blog: when you sleep with a dog who has fless, you get flees. Hell hast no outcasts !
Hell, this story with Tony D isn’t over yet. The word out of Tony D’s mouth himself is that he’s going to be Butch Ward’s mini-me Sissy Roberts eastbank Council Asst, and we haven’t even been notified of a qualifying date for that election for the AT-Large A seat yet !
Who knows what can happen in a lawless hellhole like JP ? This rogue Council is probably going to cancel the election; appoint Roberts, and tell us that it was a move to ecconomize. Any way who could beat a candidate who has spent $190,000 of his campaign funds in the previous year, 2009, a non-election year, to buy a float, a tractor to pull the float, a fire engine to follow in the parade to put out the fire on the float caused by an electrical malfunction of the massive sound system installed so his minions could dance while he, in his persona as “The PIG of PIGS” throws at them Chinese beads and the most sought after favor, a’ lying pig’ with a black and white napkin tied around his neck. All this being shown on the giant TV screen that is set upon “mini-me’s” Snowball Stand next to the Couchon du Lait trough where the
contractors feed.
Sop rest assured that even a hellhole like JP can get full of this fucking arrogant BS. From my view it looks like my blogging buddies “Gate, Pelican, the Monkeyman, Bayou, Bunhare and most probably others are gonna join you in sending mini-me to a place where he will really become the bitch that he is, and sitting on the toilet is not going to protect his ass !
Jefferson Parish IS THE HELLHOLE of all HellHoles. November 5, 2010
Thought you might like that one. What the hell ? Is this guy the reason that some lawyer named Giangrosso was hired by Wilkinson, now there’s a hell of a disgrace. I can only imgaine what a fine human being that troglodyte is in your world. October 12, 2010

Another Slabbed blogger shares similar grammar, word use, and punctuation. Pelicandebrief is purportedly Whitmegate's cousin.

Just to let everybody know, the bet- line here in Washington is on whether Mamoulides will actually show up to testify at the Senate trial. My money is on Not and so is Gate’s. In fact my cousain is making side bets for a case of Rebel Yell that there won’t be any trial, and that Porteous will get his retirement and walk away. He’s convinced Porteous is holding the “big one” to push back hard. Well maybe so, but, I like him know one thing for sure: that all those subpoenaed judges and “Mamou the big pussy” and others haven’t been off the phone since that Alpert article in the TP announced the news !
After reading Whitmergate’s commentary and talking to him on the phone while sipping on Rebel Yell, I thought it would be appropriate to hammer on the conduct of Dick Chopin one more time, and why not. Chopin, quelle honte putain. August 25, 2010
So let me see if I understand this correctly: Whitmer was a wrong doer and AMV fulfilled her mandated obligation to report wrong doing. Whitmer is allowed to retire to collect potentially millions in benefits and AMV is unlawfully fired and is being denied even the minimum of unemployment benefits.
Gate is absolute in his belief that this cloistered corrupt Council is going to learn what karma is all about within the very near future.
Ces connards sont une honte putain ! And that I believe, we can all agree. December 17, 2010
So ‘Gate, mon cousin, putain qu’est-ce, TheRiot, quel idiot putain !!! August 30, 2011

Jim Ward ! Really ‘Gate ? Quelle honte putain.
Attendez, laissez-moi prendre une gorgée. January 14, 2012
Gate, my cousain, take comfort in the thought that here in Washington DC, as in Louisiana, Jindal and Nunguesser equally share the reputation comme état à peu près aussi intelligent que le cul d’un poulet…ils sont vraiment une honte putain à la Louisiane !
And Mr. Graves…vas te faire encule, vas te faire encule beaucoup. January 13, 2011

I saw this coming. Look, let’s all understand this. Whatever mud Mr. D’Aquila may have dragged himself through was of his own doing. His close personal and professional relationships with Broussard, Trout Point (Leary, Perret, Abel) and Joe Calderera are a fact. He wasn’t a saint in life, and he’s not a saint now that he has passed. May he rest in peace, amen and amen. End of story. February 1, 2012

Ahs” as an abbreviation
This abbreviation presumably means “assholes,” however perusal of collections of common Internet slang do not contain “Ahs,” leading to the reasonable conlusion that it is an abbreviation unique to certain anonymous bloggers, on in this case, one anonymous blogger engaging in sock puppetry.

Whitmergate on Slabbed, May 11, 2010:
Merci, mon Pere. Oh,un moment. I can hear John Doe’s lawyer now while reviewing the material Theriot had to produce in complying with a subpoena duces tecum. Regardez tous ces livres ! Comme vous etes vieux jeu.
And yes, we will need to depose you and all the council members who, in executive session (euphemism for: public it’s none of your business how we waste your money) agreed to file this groundless SLAPP lawsuit.
I’ll bet these AHs had no idea this was coming ! A bientot…

viewfromhell on Slabbed, December 16, 2010:
Bracy needs to sue their ass for retaliation cause that’s just what her being let go was, just like Anne Marie Vandenweghe. Hell I’ll be suing those assholes Theriot and Bonano, those POS politico mafioso who were responsible for me getting sued. And while I’m suing AHs, add those Phlipps, Dungmore wanabe lawyers and the joke Times- Picayune. All of them are in cahoots and are the reason Jefferson Parish is the HELLHOLE that it is !

viewfromhell on nola.com (Times-Picayune), July 7, 2010:
Hey sheeple you know why this a hellhole ? Because all the incumbents spit in your face while qualifying to run for the school system they're responsible for screwing up. When the hell are you sheeple gonna stampede this bunch of incompetent thieves out of here ? JP is THE hellhole of these United States. What unmitigated gall...64 out of 70...and these shameless AHs believe you should vote them back in...and you probably will !

Repent, Confess, and Be Forgiven”
In May, 2010, Handshoe published the following post on Slabbed:

From the "this post got bumped due to breaking news" files Slabbed presents this open invitation to Parish employees from Anne Marie Vandenweghe

I received this yesterday morning and it was bumped due to the recent street fight invitation we received.
I would like to extend an invitation to anyone interested to attend the Yenni Building Bible Study on Mondays at 12:30 in the Conference room off the Council Chambers on the 2nd floor. We meet for one hour and are studying Matthew right now. No preparation needed just come and enjoy fellowship with others who confessed, repented and are forgiven. And who confess, repent and are forgiven daily. Not perfect, just forgiven.
We are hoping to offer Bible Study every day at lunch time to reach as many as possible. And again no prep needed as we read the selection out loud and then discuss.
Anne Marie made it clear to me that the invitation was extended to everyone in Parish government and that weapons are checked at the door as the only goal of this devotion was ”to learn the only important truth in life.”
Handshoe attributes to Vandenweghe repeated use of a variation of phraseology involving confession, repentance, and forgiveness particularly as applied to those involved in what they say are corrupt practices in Jefferson Parish government. Coincidentally, numerous other anonymous blogger on Slabbed used the same phraseology, including unslabbed. Most of these also exhibit the distinctive punctuation and grammar associated with Vandenweghe/unslabbed:

unslabbed, March 15, 2010:
Is the new interim Director of Code as cooperative as Ms. Villio and her predecessors? How about all those successions you handle(d) over the years? You profess to be a BIG catholic with your Jesuit training: What would Jesus do? WWJD. ‘Splain that to the generations coming up who will have your trangressions on their shoulders. Confess, repent and ask forgiveness=redemption. Continue as you are going and no one will be proud of being your kin.

December 17, 2011:
Amen Locke, AMEN.
Confess, repent and be forgiven. I repeat : CONFESS, REPENT… those two come before forgiveness…

February 5, 2012:
Instead of flailing at reality based comments about your homosexuality perhaps you should heed the warnings in THE BIBLE which clearly says homosexuality is an abomination.
(God’s words, not mine). It details the fate awaiting the arrogant, the corrupters, the unrighteous. One need only look to 2Peter 2:1-22 (NIV). Or 1 Corinthians 5:9-13 (NIV). Or 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (NIV). Or Romans 1: 24-32 (NIV).
Charles aka jimmy: confess, repent and be redeemed.
God said it. I believe it. That settles it.
PS: don't tread on MY RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.

Whitmergate, February 28, 2011:

Aaron I will tell you this yet again…talking about Jesus is not walking with Jesus…redemption will come through your public confession…Jesus didn’t have or need a lawyer…own and accept your wrong doing…repent and ask for forgiveness…trust Him to guide and protect you…plead guilty and do the time with humility…be washed of your sins…and you will be born again…I pray for you… and may God have mercy on your soul…Amen and Amen.

curiousgeorge, August 12. 2010:
I’m not screaming OOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeee this morning but I’m curious why was there not a full Supreme Court Judicary Commission investigation into Dufresne’s outrageous conduct? His lazy, arrogant conduct cost a man his life and countless prisoners’their Hope. He should have not only been stripped of his law license but be in and among the general population of prisoners at Angola writing his own pro se appeals (which I would say could be accidently crumbled up and tossed in the trash can for a few years). Just as some physicians only learn true humane compassion when they themselves undergo medical trials that they routinely dish out to their patients daily, so too should a corrupt judge experience life behind bars with the very same men who caused their Hope to be stolen from them.There can be forgiveness after repentance, but you can not allow such a person to remain in a position to screw one other person of his constitutional rights.How can the other sitting judges tolerate and day in and day out converse and legally discuss other cases after such an act that cost a man’s life and countless others of Hope?. Sop, does the school administation not know of Dufresne’s judicial crimes. And how could the administration accept money to buy such a sacred, holy and historically treasured school statue from a alumnus who has never confessed and repented? If the administration does not know they should be told and if there is any associated bronze marker citing Dufresne’s contribution his name should be grinded off( not recast) to make a statement that money doesn’t buy repentence, holiness nor salvation. Dufresne ( not worthy of being addressed as judge of anything but of yourself) if you still have the egotistical courage to still be reading on and think you can ‘buy the sacred heart of Jesus’ after you have robbed true repentent prisoners of their God given and guaranteed Hope bought and paid only thru “His Stripes” and Death on The Cross; then I challenge you to read The Word (1 Corinthians 13:13) from the mouth of a murderer( St. Paul)as the Brothers taught you at the school you state you still love. And Dufresne one final message,”Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth”-1 Cor 13:6. You are now dismissed from internet religion class, go and repent and be forgiven by Your Savior.Thanks be to God and the Holy Spirit,Our Comforter. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamen !!!!!!!!

Lockemuptight, December 17, 2011:
A serious letter to Aaron ( Hebrew for teacher) Broussard :
Dear Pharisee AB :
It certainly is a wonderful time of the year for Faith, but not your oxymoronic type of faith.
Our Lord and Savior was himself certainly not a Pharisee (lawyer) nor did He call upon one to defend Him before Pilate. And despite His complete innocence, He remained SILENT and voluntarily accepted the guilt and excruciating pain of the sins of all mankind to justify sinners like you and I before His Father.
It is a well founded principle of Christianity that if you offend your brother(s) that you in profound humility PROFESS YOUR GUILT before them and ASK FOR FORGIVENESS and REPAY your debt to them.
Christians are compelled to forgive and if you rebuke your NOT GUILTY plea and admit your guilt publicly you will in turn receive forgiveness from them and more importantly God Almighty. Only then will you be admired but more importantly honored by your Savior.
Give Praise and Glory to Christ and do the thing you have previously preached to many people in Jefferson Parish, including your long time friend Larmarque.
Your past and current behavior has caused great distress in the good, hard working people of Jefferson provoking them to judge you and sin by calling you names ( of which I am one).
In His Light and Love, Lockemuptight

lockemuptight has some other similarities with Vandenweghe's writing also:

August 14, 2012
MILES GAME PLAN : Here duckie duckies come get some bread. No duckies, not the green bread that Lyles recruiting service throws out but real enriched Wonderbread.
Here duckie duckies quickly right this way and merge smoothly into the Dallas commuter traffic and straight onto the big coliseum .You can do it duckies cause you duckies are reportedly so fast.
Ok Big Mike, you mangled the Aggies now have a little taste of duck jambalaya with a little Slap Your Mama on top and you' re good to go into your black limo to play with some real bloated, fu*#ked up duckies.
POST GAME INTERVIEW : So BIg Mike how was it ? They were quacking all the way down, right Mike ? Mike ROARS , burps and expels a few yellow-green iridescent feathers in a loud volley of Wonderbread smelling farts. August 29, 2011

And Slabbed and the SlabbedNation may just be one of His Purposes
.If you can hear me SlabbedNation say Amen !

lockemuptight also likes to use the word “pablum” when referring to the press, just like unslabbed Vandenweghe:
March 23, 2012:
Simadownah: Did your last bot’ have Chinese toxic milk in it or are you constipated from ingesting to much TP pablum.

July 1, 2010
Stieb won, and you can win also. This entitlement class of narcissists, along with the pablum public Press and their suck-up surrogates would have you believe that whoever has the most money wins. Well money buys signs and mailouts; but I’ve never stood in line to vote with a sign or a push card, but I’ve stood in line with you !
And Theriot, why don’t you pay to complete this JPPAC albatross if you think it needs to be finished…vas te faire encule et l’ane tu montes dans le !


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  1. I must say, I am surprised by the linkage between unslabbed and whitmergate. This is a compelling presentation of key markers and similarities of usernames. A brief scan of other comments shows that these samples are not cherry-picked. I'll scrutinize them further, but would have to say at this point the linguistic evidence favors the argument made in this post.

    Mark Moseley
    The Lens