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The purported and not so personable personae of Anne-Marie Vandenweghe on slabbed (and nola), Part One

Some readers have--in response to this blog's first posts a few days ago--expressed incredulity that Anne-Marie Vandenweghe might have one, much less several, anonymous online identities on Slabbed. Those readers, understandably perhaps, haven't paid attention to Slabbed itself.

Everyone knows Doug Handshoe was sued by Trout Point Lodge and its owners Vaughn and Perret in Nova Scotia, and that they won a big judgment against him there. Recently a Mississippi federal court refused to allow the enforcement of that judgement under the relatively new SPEECH Act. This decision did not do away with the Canadian judgement, though, and Trout Point has, according to Slabbed, appealed. 

In that Canada lawsuit, Handshoe had a co-defendant, "unslabbed," who was identified by an email address obtained under a court order. 

Why is this relevant to Vandenweghe's identity? Because on September 23, 2012, Handshoe published this about his "Jane Doe" co-defendant "unslabbed":
Given the totality of the facts and the fact Leary and Perret also sued whistleblower Anne Marie Vandenweghe in Canada, with the help of  fellow Goatherder Carl Finley, in my mind it is not an open question of whether they knew what Broussard was doing all those years, as the facts clearly indicate they worked closely together trying to silence any inquiry into this subject matter after the connections broke in the media.
There's a lot more confirming this. In responding to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court order last summer, Automattic, Inc. of San Francisco, the owner of WordPress, revealed that the person posting on Slabbed under the name "unslabbed" had the email address, which is Anne-Marie Vandenweghe's married name. (She currently registers with the Louisiana State Bar Association with the address All this was revealed on Slabbed itself, and blog publisher Handshoe has clearly admitted to Van den Weghe's "unslabbed" identity both implicitly and explicitly.

Unslabbed published comments (as early as the first 7 days of February, if not earlier) on Slabbed in early 2010 containing very specific information that would turn up in Anne-Marie Vandenweghe's now mostly dismissed federal lawsuit against Jefferson Parish and Steve Theriot, following the same pattern as with Whitmergate comments. For instance compare this "unslabbed" comment from March 11, 2010, with the language in the lawsuit filed in August, 2011:
Ok. So there is candidate-for-judge DEBBIE VILLIO on Fox 8 stating as plain as the nose on her face that had she known she would have been caught she never would have broken the law. And now there is PEGGY BARTON with her sleight-of-hand Parish Attorney Office Organizational Charts. And the never-present DEBRA MILLER YENNI, the go-to girl for the Ethically Challenged who just doesn’t want to talk about it. When a Public Record request was submitted from Val Bracy of Fox 8 in January 2010 asking for the CURRENT PAO organizational chart (essentially as a follow-up to Ms. Bracy’s Paralegal expose) BARTON apparently took it upon herself to hurriedly ‘fix’ the chart to ‘disappear’ the box with Karen Parker Broussard’s name in it from under BARTON’s supervision. I use the term hurriedly because BARTON followed that same day with a revised revised Chart having removed Wm. Bill Fortenberry ( Risk Management guru) from her Litigation Committee box. Now there is another huge question mark begging answers.
Unfortunately for BARTON the ‘current’ chart hanging on numerous bulletin boards around the Parish Attorney’s offices showed very clearly that on the date Val Bracy made her request the box with Karen Parker Broussard was firmly attached to BARTON who was listed as Peggy Barton, Administrator.
Here is the lawsuit's language:
Barton tampered with the Jefferson Parish Attorney’s organizational chart after receiving a PRR from Channel 8 Fox News. Instead of supplying the chart in place at the time of the PRR, Barton revised said chart by removing Karen Parker Broussard from under Barton’s administrative control. Barton certified that Charlie Knopp (“Knopp”), Chief of Security, was Broussard’s supervisor despite the fact that the organizational chart showed Broussard as under Barton’s supervision since approximately 2007. Deano Bonano (“Bonano”), Director of Security for the Parish and Homeland Security Liaison, was Knopp’s direct supervisor and interfered by email with Knopp’s certified response to the PRR for the administrative organizational chart and information as to who was Karen Parker Broussard’s supervisor, instructing Knopp not to respond until cleared with Bonano. Knopp had already submitted a signed certification which was later followed by another with a different response. Knopp and Peggy Barton submitted conflicting certifications as to the responsible party.  At all times that Barton altered public records, she conspired with others, including Wilkinson, to facilitate the alteration of public records. As a result of their actions, Barton and Wilkinson criminally conspired to commit payroll fraud, injury to public records, filing or maintaining false public records, as well as malfeasance in office.
What's more, Slabbed publisher Doug Handshoe repeatedly referred to Vandenweghe as the "unslabbed" co-defendant to the Nova Scotia lawsuit, though at first not by name. On September 23, 2011:
I did not publish the girls last amended complaint against me for a reason. I was the only person who received papers but the girls also sued an email address knowing full well not only who they were suing but also the fact this person has cooperated with the FBI in their investigation into Broussard era corruption.
Here's one out of numerous references to the FBI contained in Vandenweghe's federal lawsuit:
The claims of plaintiff’s [Vandenweghe] blogging while on the job were not true, which Interim Parish President Theriot, and other members of the governmental authority knew. These defamatory and retaliatory statements were made by officials of the Parish of Jefferson solely to discredit the plaintiff and discourage her ongoing cooperation with the FBI and USAO.
Handshoe repeatedly suggests that he and Vandenweghe are somehow protected by the FBI & USAO--kinda interesting given recent revelations about Letten's posse.

viewfromhell, too, speaks in the first person about being sued in Nova Scotia Supreme Court on September 13, 2011, the very day that the court record says Doug Handshoe was personally served with an amended complaint that included Jane Doe "unslabbed" as a co-defendant: "No one, and I mean no one in this HellHole, or a shithole in Canada is going to shut me up ! Trust me, I‘ve got lawyers that will shove my lawsuit up these Trouts asses when they ever swim back here anytime soon." viewfromhell also at times appeared with the same icon as that used by Whitmergate:

Whitmergate, on December 22, 2012, denied that she is Anne-Marie Vandenweghe: "I for one (and FYI, I am not Ms. Vandenweghe) have had enough of your heterophobic BS frothing from your many erroneous and slanderous allegations concerning me … " Self-serving testimony?

Could it be that Whitmergate is not Vandenweghe? Whitmergate revealed insider information--that was incorrect--about Fox 8 News being sued by Trout Point Lodge on the same day that Anne Marie Vandenweghe was interviewed by Val Bracy. That Nova Scotia judge found evidence of an insider connection between Fox 8 and those blogging on Slabbed. Like "unslabbed," Whimergate repeatedly posted comments with allegations that were reproduced in Anne-Marie Vandenweghe's lawsuit against Jefferson Parish and Steve Theriot. Compare the following quotation from an August 4, 2010 "guest post" with Vandenweghe's later lawsuit:
It should be noted that Public Records reflect that Tom Wilkinson took sole and full responsibility for the River Birch contract. The Public Records also give evidence that there were four different certified returns for PRRs requesting a copy of the River Birch contract. Four different copies were produced at four different times: 1) a blank copy, no signatures, produced in Sept 2009; 2) a copy signed only by Capella, produced subsequent to the 1st copy, in Sept 2009; 3) and on then Sept. 30, a fully executed document in hand-written form, presumably signed by all parties, but on different dates; and, 4) finally, in Dec. 2009, a copy of a contract with only the signature of Jim Ward, was produced in response to a subpoena issued by the US Grand Jury. The facts as previously cited beg the question: Is there a contract with River Birch? This RFP was the culmination during and through many years, beginning in 2004, of back-room maneuverings by Council Members (Byron Lee, Elton Lagasse, Tom Capella. Chris Roberts) and the Broussard Administration (Whitmer, Wilkinson, Cassagne) to breach the valid and binding contract with Waste Management and install the Heebe-Ward interests in River Birch with a MONOPOLY !
Here is a quotation from the Van den Weghe August, 2011 lawsuit:
In August 2009, plaintiff, the Assistant Parish Attorney in charge of responding to public records requests, received a Public Records Request (“PRR”) from legal counsel for Waste Management, the operator of the public landfill for the Parish, seeking the production of any contracts which may exist between River Birch Landfill (“River Birch”) and the Parish. As part of her duties, plaintiff obtained a copy of an un-executed contract between River Birch and the Parish from Eula Lopez (“Lopez”), the Clerk and Custodian of Records for the Parish Council. Shortly afterward, plaintiff received yet another contract between River Birch and the Parish, this one signed only by Parish Chairman, Thomas Capella. Upon bringing this apparent discrepancy to the attention of then-Parish Attorney, Thomas Wilkinson (“Wilkinson”), the plaintiff was ordered by Wilkinson, her ultimate supervisor, not to make any further inquiries. Wilkinson directed plaintiff that only he would personally handle this issue. Wilkinson then provided plaintiff with a fully executed copy of a contract between River Birch and the Parish. Plaintiff then brought theses blatant discrepancies in the River Birch contracts to the attention of Assistant Parish Attorney Gruntz and Parish Attorney Wilkinson, who failed to take any appropriate action thereto. Gruntz, against plaintiff’s advice, issued a letter of non-production of the documents requested pursuant to the PRR.
There is also this Whitmergate "guest post" on Slabbed dated June 30, 2010:
PAYROLL FRAUD: Tom Wilkinson, as Parish Attorney, was responsible for the management of his office, both ministerial and personnel. His office could best be described as incompetent and inept, as it remains today for the most part under his surrogate, Peggy Barton, appointed interim Parish Attorney by the acting Parish President, Steve Theriot. That’s another story. We learn through the press and reports of the Federal investigation that there are three “paralegals” on the Parish Attorneys payroll, either illicitly or illegally (Karen Parker, Ken Trahan, Tony Thomassie). Peggy Barton was designated by Wilkinson as the Supervisor of Paralegals. Both are equally responsible for this deceit. Mr. Connick you can prosecute under La. R.S. 14:138,§138:
And this from AMV's lawsuit:
In January of 2010, as a result of a Channel 8 Fox News PRR inquiring about payroll irregularities, plaintiff uncovered that Wilkinson, with full cooperation and assistance of the office of the Parish Attorney, and then supervisor of paralegal personnel, Peggy Barton (“Barton”), committed payroll fraud in regard to three “paralegals” listed in the Parish Attorney’s office payroll. Said paralegals, Karen Parker Broussard, Kenneth Trahan, and Antoine “Tony” Thomassie were designated as such despite the lack of necessary professional credentials or training, all with Wilkinson’s full knowledge. Wilkinson carried these individuals on his payroll with the knowledge that they were not working in his office, were being paid for not working at all, and were not in the performance of duties charged to a paralegal. Plaintiff made these transgressions known to her immediate supervisor, Assistant Parish Attorney Gruntz, who did nothing in response thereto.
Whitmergate shows internal knowledge that only Vandenweghe could have, such as in this comment from October 3, 2011: "It was the opinion of AMV, and concurred to by her immediate supervisor, Louis Gruntz, that a court should be the arbiter of what documents could be released, protocol as set forth in the Public Records Law."

When Handshoe was referring to "unslabbed's" email address being sued in Nova Scotia, Whitmergate also slipped up and said:
Since I became aware of this public outing of my previous e-mail address, I of course turned it over to the FBI for monitoring of threats and cyber-stalking.
It’s just beginning between us Dr. d’LEARYious and your Parrot as you are not ready for what’s coming from the blogasphere gang over at Nola.
Who's the "blogasphere gang over at Nola"? Vandenweghe's law school classmate Jan Maselli? And couldn't simadownah be Vandenweghe too?

That's enough for now.

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