mardi 29 janvier 2013

The Slabbed Nation Part 2(a): Doug Handshoe & Anne-Marie Vandenweghe Defendants in Federal Lawsuit

The other day on Slabbed, Doug Handshoe told his audience to "stand by for an important announcement from Slabbed New Media."

Normally such semi-cryptic public proclamation means that Doug has, much to his apparent glee, encountered a new legal entanglement to make hay with.

A few hours later Mr. Handshoe did not publish a lawsuit or other primary legal filing, but a strangely self-sourced document, seemingly put together for no reason other than to fulfill anticipation for a real "document." Forensic accountant Handshoe had drafted a letter to "Dear Readers," curiously placed online as an embedded pdf rather than a simple blog post. You can see it, self-importantly named "Slabbed announcement" here.

Doug has made notable use of PACER, "Public Access to Court Electronic Records." So what better place to look for Doug's anticipated surprise to his readers, unfulfilled by his pdf letter?

Here's the result of a "Handshoe" search on PACER:

Did his attorney advise him not to admit knowledge of the lawsuit, fearing constructive notice? Or did Ms. Vandenweghe tell him to shut up? Then again, his attorney and that of Ms. Vandenweghe are one in the same, so who knows?

That phrase about the plaintiff being a "representative for all persons equally situated" would concern the most reasonable of people.

In fact, it looks like Ms. Vandenweghe has already been served:

Guess Mr. Handshoe is next.

Federal court, so . . . more to come.

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