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"Discrimination & hatred": The Slabbed Nation's anti-gay hate speech -Updated-

"In addition in the case at hand, the blogs contain comments based on the actual or perceived sexual orientation of the intended targets. Those comments are clearly meant to be derogatory and insulting. I will not reproduce them here. It is the type of expression that engenders harmful results such as discrimination and hatred. It is not the type of free expression that deserves protection and fostering."
Justice of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court
commenting on Doug K. Handshoe's
"Slabbed" in 2011

Though Doug Handshoe is infamous for referring to Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret as "the girls," the words he has published on Slabbed--both his own and what are purportedly those of others--go far beyond that simple misogynistic slur. That's simply what the media picked up on.

After being found liable for defamation in Nova Scotia in 2012, Doug tried to explain his hate-mongering homophobic publications: 
So this brings us to the question of the day and one that has been asked of me by tweeps such as Beth and our own Bellesouth, who both registered their displeasure at me for using the term “girls” to describe Leary and Perret.  After all Slabbed is supposed to be a liberal blog as we have repeatedly called out right wing nuts that scapegoat Hispanics and the poor.  Slabbed is known for supporting the little people aka the common man aka the 99%.  It was so out of character so I well understood why the question was being asked.
Mr. Doug answers why he called Leary & Perret "the girls": "The answer is my eyes have been on a larger prize and using the term helped facilitate the process." That's right, Doug is a good, liberal blogger, supporter of the "little people," and he's not really hateful towards gays. Mr. Doug says: "I have lifelong gay friends that are considered family more than friends. God says hate the sin, not the sinner."

Handshoe is responsible for each comment published on Slabbed. He says his anti-gay speech serves a purpose, and there's no over-arching anti-gay theme to his blog. He says he's not motivated by homophobia and anti-gay hatred for his 3 year campaign to damage Leary & Perret by making false criminal accusations against them across the Internet. 

You decide. 

* * *
A selection of anti-gay speech from posts and comments published by Doug K. Handshoe on Slabbed:

  first up: a comment from Unslabbed:
"Welcome to Slabbed Danny and Carlie and Charlie and Vaughnie and any of you other Special Guys of Trout Point and Wild West.
Now I am VERY curious and inquisitive about you…and ALL your BUDS.
May I suggest BOYS that you all huddle quickly and decide if the Inquisition sure to follow continued attempts to GAG the Slabbed Nation is worth the information which will be elicted [sic] in protracted legal battles on all continents. Please remember that many of us enjoy Dual Nationalities, Counsulate Immunities, and have LONG REACHING tentacles … perhaps longer than yours , although size is not really that important unless you are on the receiving end.
If I were you BOYS I would keep my head down, not bend over to pick up the soap and ride my horses into the sunset on Brokeback Mountain.
I, one Slabbed Nation member, vow to search you all out to the ends of the earth ( Yes in Switzerland, Hawaii, France, Italy, Canada and Spain ) anywhere any of you have any connections.
I have the time, temperament and now the impetus to set myself to this task. Hold on, it may be a bumpy ride for some of you.
See ya soon, Cowboys."

 Followed by a random selection of choice words:

"Damn! Queer (as in goofy as hell) fag (as in deviant perverts) scum (as in lawyers): again, queer fag scum!"

"It’s not untruthful… I wish those two were dead. /malicecontained."[referring to Perret & Leary]

"My comments are admittedly “politically incorrect”, but true. Society would be much better off if “queers” were precluded from donating blood and blood products (the blood supply is NOT AIDS-free, because they’re not precluded), than by “pasturizing” the raw oysters legally harvested in this country, which will benefit ONLY the already-infected, who probably won’t (and shouldn’t) eat raw oysters , anyway. I sincerely hope that none of us require a blood transfusion before we die, which may “hasten” our deaths, from AIDS, due to contamination of the blood supply."

"Whoops! How’d I forget about Drago’s (?) although I’ve never had “raws” there, only “char-broiled”, which I assume KILLS any bacteria. (How about shaking hands with a “queer”?). And make that “violent, unprotected anal sex, which draws blood, and exchange of bodily fluids, which were infected before the event, and have NOTHING to do with eating raw oysters, only each other”."

 "I would think that the Federal Government should use its assets and power to “regulate” things like “unprotected anal sex by homosexuals” which result in things like hepatitis, immune deficiency syndrome and AIDS, which I believe are contagious. Keep the “queers” away from each other, me and oysters, and “Every little thing will be allright”."

 "that didn’t stop Perret from sending his bottom bitch Charles Leary out to mislead and threaten."

 "WTF were these fish-head faggots thinking"

  "I cannot imagine a US Court giving credence to this faggot farce"

 "If these punk-ass fucking faggots think they are going to take up from where TheRiot ran away from they are more fucked up then they have shown themselves to be so far."

"FYI: What "some people" identify as "fever blisters" or "canker sores" may REALLY be pus-oozing bacterial and/or viral eruptions caused by GENITAL HERPES, which has been transferred (or "transmitted") from the genitalia and/or anus, orally, to the mouth, in oral-to-genital-and/or oral-to-anal sexual contact. This type of PATHOLOGY is exponentially more prevalent in the non-heterosexual segment of Society, and its incidence is found more in homosexual males than in homosexual females. This is but one reason why our fighting men should not be required to share a foxhole or a canteen, much less bodily fluids, with a QUEER. The subject of battlefield blood transfusions, and the risks inherent thereto, will be dealt with in a separate Chapter to this Series."

"he, his wife Vaughn Perret and their sugar daddy Danny Abel"

 "Leary and his wife Vaughn Perret, owners of the Trout Point Lodge in Nova Scotia"

 "Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret and their Canadian Do Bitch Judge Pierre Muise."

  "I purposely satarized [sic] Leary, Perret and Abel by using terms like "bitches" a few times, Like we say down here "if the shoe fits…." Free Speech US style means on occasion things get ugly as does the search for the truth or in colloquial terms "keeping it real"."

"there has been place for every faggot & maggot in three parishes round the campfire! Some like bannana-boy steroided into eunuchdom, some like wiggly-quiggley got to stay with the kiddies at Recreation, a whole nest of ‘em at the Water Dept. from the director -in-drag in his biker leather on down, and let us not forget chrissy-the-sissy who is rumoured to have undergone three failed sex-changes: trying to become a man!!
Any wonder that their favorite R&R is at Grand Isle: home of the jackoffs and jellyfish, mullets and suckers?"

"It is for true folks as Jimbo sez to bend over and grab yer ankles."

"Otherwise bend over and grab the lube, because they are going keep ramming it up there as long as they are able to breathe"

"becum the local distributor for Carmex and to live at 69 Donut Glaze Lane which runs perpen'dick'ular to Ferry Place and Tutti Frutti Freeway"

"That ain't donut glaze on David Vitter's diaper"

"That ain't doughnut glaze on Judge Ross LaDart's Chin! Louisiana 5th Circuit Court of Appeals bitch slaps the inept judge"

" That ain't doughnut glaze on Tony Lawrence's chin!"

" That ain't donut glaze on Tom Wilkinson's chin!"

" The good mens at State Farm squeezed Merlin's balls until he gave them what they wanted and that's not donut glaze on the floor!"

" That ain't doughnut glaze on Costner's (or Magnum's) chin."

"" Talk about “that ain't doughnut glaze on your backside matey.”"

 "Apparently there was a storm in Nova Scotia last May…The fags were flying high!"

"But I've HAD IT with this character "Tom From Mobile". He is switching the subject from alleged CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR to fruit, queer dick-sucking and fudge-packing, and people may be falling for it, because he is so "glib-tongued" (maybe he's had a lot of practice). So I have a proposition for this "TomFrom Moblie" character: I'll release my medical records if you, "Tom From Mobile", and Leary, Perret, Able, Gonzo, Rotary, Jordan and Craig, release YOUR medical records. What say you, "Tom From Moblie"? Now perhaps can we get back to who owned property in Nova Scotia, and who used it, and why and for what, and what they paid for the use of it, and to whom, and leave all of this FRUIT, QUEER oral and anal homosexual SEX behind (no pun intended) us?"

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