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Handshoe & "Concrete Busters." Blogger's lies betrayed, no more hands to stand on for Handshoe -- An Easter Surprise!

An interesting letter from a court filing came to light today. Remember that coincidentally just as the Federal District Court in southern Mississippi was considering enforcing Trout Point Lodge's $427,000 Canadian defamation judgment against homophobic blogger Doug Handshoe, attorneys for Concrete Busters of Louisiana just happened to file an amended lawsuit against federal criminal probe target Frederick Heebe that just coincidentally mentioned Trout Point Lodge as well as that very Mississippi lawsuit?

Here's what Handshoe said at the time on Slabbed:

Civil District Court lawsuit filed by Concrete Busters against River Birch terms Trout Point Lodge Ltd. of Nova Scotia a “shell company”

They did folks. In fact Concrete Busters amended complaint filed Wednesday against The River Birch Landfill et al unifies several themes we’ve covered here on Slabbed through time. But alas those nasty Goatherders and I have an outstanding  matter in United States Federal District Court in Gulfport before Judge Louis Guirola that my lawyer, Bobby Truitt has me barred from commenting upon. But that does not mean that we can’t let Concrete Busters tell part of that story . . .
Handshoe published a scan of the entire lawsuit he somehow got the same day it was filed, and that self-same scan also just happened to end up published on too, giving it really wide exposure. The suit was later removed to federal court, and Handshoe published on that too:

Trout Point Lodge, Cerro Coyote, Aaron Broussard and others named as co-conspirators/defendants in federal racketeering suit.

The Concrete Busters suit really helped shore up Handshoe's credibility. The gist was: "If actual lawyers were making these serious allegations about Trout Point Lodge and its owners, there really must be something to it all." It gave Handshoe an excuse for lots of Slabbed posts full of real malice.

Unfortunately for Trout Point Lodge, Charles Leary, and Vaughn Perret, the federal district court in Gulfport, Mississippi, noticed the Concrete Busters amendment as well, and mentioned it's now clearly false allegations that they were involved with Aaron Broussard in criminal wrongdoing in the December, 2012, Order denying that important summary judgment motion--a case of first impression for the federal SPEECH Act. One might say it played an important role in the judge's decision.

Handshoe also used the Concrete Busters suit to accuse Leary & Perret of crimes in a letter he wrote to a Supreme Court justice in Nova Scotia in February, and has published extensively on it since then.

Well of course Handshoe wanted to let the Concerete Busters suit "tell the story"--because it was his own made-up conspiracy theory reproduced word for word in the lawsuit . . .  and now retracted, laying the blame at Handshoe's feet. Here's the astounding letter:

Talk about an about-face!!! Duping of others in self-interest might be called a theme here.

Concrete Busters was one mighty big piece of seeming justification in Mr. Handshoe's multi-year "campaign to damage" Leary, Perret, Trout Point Lodge, and others. (Those are the words of that Mississippi federal court, which recently also denied Handshoe's request for $60,000 in attorney's fees). Handshoe can probably be held liable for this republication of his false and injurious words too. Surely, Daniel G. Abel--who is suing Handshoe for defamation-- will find this all very intriguing & useful.

Former allegational ringmaster Anne-Marie Vandenweghe, her (sock) puppet Doug Handshoe, and their coincidentally mutual attorney Jack "Bobby" Truitt must not be too happy right now. No wonder Mr. Doug looks so grim . . .
Douglas Handshoe, CPA & blogger

Some say public official Vandenweghe had links to people in the U.S. Attorney's Office too, past and present, including some with Italian surnames. . . . including some who, it is said, were once investigating her then-husband Ray Valdes. This was coincidentally the same prosecutors' office pursuing Aaron Broussard and Frederick Heebe. Might she have been duping third parties as well, in the name of self interest?

Vandenweghe surely was connected to federal prosecutors in 2009-10. She was "cooperating" and "informing" for the USAO on alleged Jefferson Parish corruption, according to her own taping of Jefferson Parish President Steve Theriot placing her on administrative leave for blogging on government time about the government back in that year. (As well as in comments made on Slabbed under pseudonyms like "unslabbed"). Vandenweghe's USAO contacts included prosecutors who just happened to also be spearheading the Aaron Broussard prosecution. Could the USAO have been misled and duped by Vandenweghe, just like Handshoe did with Concrete Busters?

Handshoe/Vandenweghe attorney Mr. Truitt was surely really looking forward to his $60,000 in supposed attorney's fees after Trout Point et. al. lost the summary judgement motion. Too bad he didn't get it. Guess that "win at all costs" attitude that federal Judge Englehardt wrote about in the context of the U.S. Attorney blogging scandal might just have transcended the boundaries of that office.

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