vendredi 24 janvier 2014

SLAPP? Douglas Handshoe, Anne Marie Vandenweghe et. al. apparently unsuccessful in Louisiana court

Real Malice received an interesting email from an anonymous source.

Apparently the legal efforts of Douglas Handshoe, Anne Marie Vandenweghe aka Boudreaux, and others to have the Louisiana Civil District Court strike down the Daniel Abel defamation lawsuit against them did not work so well. Reports indicate Chief Judge Piper Griffin said that the Abel lawsuit was not a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation aka SLAPP. So much for SLAPP Happy Nut Jobs. She also reportedly denied the Vandenweghe claim of failure to state a claim and lack of personal jurisdiction. Real Malice cannot wait to see that Court Order. If true, this mean mandatory fees for Mr. Abel.

Not sure of all the details yet or when this happened. More information to come . . .  Why has Mr. Handshoe not mentioned this outcome on Slabbed, especially given his recent comments about the alleged bias of federal judge Suzie Morgan?

Anyone else have any details?

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