jeudi 18 juin 2015

Slabbed declares bankruptcy! "Media" company run by homophobic CPA has no books or records

Slabbed New Media, the supposed sole-proprietor shell company of Douglas Handshoe, CPA, declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy on June 16, 2015, the same day the Louisiana Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal denied Handshoe's motion for a reconsideration of its historic judgment reversing Handshoe's anti-SLAPP victory in the court of Judge Scott Schlegel.

Court documents show the company, which Handshoe claims operated the for-profit Slabbed blog, earned a paltry income in 2013. Despite Handshoe's self-reputed business acumen and financial experience, the company earned a profit of less than $900.00. Handshoe reported the LLCs revenue and expenses as part of his personal tax return that year. An accountant, Handshoe told the bankruptcy court today that Slabbed New Media has no books or financial records.

The bankruptcy filing raises numerous questions about Handshoe, and the bankruptcy's role in the various litigations in which the homophobic Handshoe remains enveloped.

For example, Handshoe now owes process server Chris Yount attorney's fees and costs for his failed attempt to have Yount's defamation and invasion of privacy lawsuit against him dismissed in Louisiana state court. Legal observers say that, given the appeal to the Fifth Circuit, the amount Handshoe owes to Yount could equal tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, Handshoe owes the same kind of fees and costs to civil rights attorney Daniel Abel, who also sued Handshoe for defamation. Handshoe lost anti-SLAPP dismissal motions against Abel as well. The ultimate value of a judgment against Handshoe in the Yount case could well be in the six figures, legal commentators say, given the nature of the alleged defamation, which involves allegedly flase allegation of child molestation and publication of a drawing the court of appeal labelled pornographic. Fact finding by the Fifth Circuit was not favorable for Handshoe or his attorney Jack "Bobby" Truitt.

The lack of financial records raises numerous questions about how exactly Handshoe used Slabbed New Media as part of his tax and litigation strategies.

More to come . . . 

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