mercredi 6 janvier 2016

Federal courts orders blogger Handshoe to show cause, still homophobic after all these years . . . tick, tock

Homophobic accountant Douglas Handshoe's defamation lawsuit against the Toronto Star and its reporter Peter Edwards is now dismissed by the same judge who has ordered Handshoe to show cause by January 6 why another of his multiple lawsuits also shouldn't be thrown out. And the Toronto Star article Handshoe was attempting to have censored is still there for all to see:

His attempt to claim that the newspaper's reporting that he is "homophobic" was false & injurious has failed, and the article identifying him as homophobic according to judicial decisions remains in publication on the Star's web site.

Handshoe's strategic attempts to use the courts to silence commentary or petitions about him that he doesn't like seems about to end badly (for him).
Douglas Handshoe, CPA

The clock is ticking down. The federal court ordered Handshoe to "show cause" why his one remaining claim against process server Chris Yount should not be dismissed: that is, alleged abuse of process involved in sending a copy of a Louisiana court order to Handshoe's web host. Claims against Daniel Abel, Ramona Fernandez, Janie Lamar, and Loyola University have all been dismissed on various grounds.

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